On search and identification of short-lived super heavy cosmic-ray nuclei (Z larger 110) by fossil track study of the extraterrestrial crystals: results and perspectives. II. Perelygin, V.P.; Abdullaev, I.G.; Bondar, Yu.V.; Brandt, R.; Chuburkov, Yu.T.; Kashkarov, L.L.; Knyazeva, G.P.; Kravets, L.I.; Spohr, R.; Stetsenko, S.G.; Vater, P. . Nuclear Physics A, v A718, 5 May 2003, p 422c-4c

Study of fossil tracks due to (50 less Z less 92) Galactic cosmic ray nuclei in meteoritic crystals results and perspectives. Perelygin, V.P. (JINR, Dubna, Russia); Petrova, R.I.; Stetsenko, S.G.; Brandt, R.; Vater, P.; Rebetez, M.; Spohr, R.; Vetter, J.; Perron, C. . Radiation Measurements, v 31, n 1-6, June 1999, p 609-14