• Physics, Freiburg University (Germany)
  • Uppsala University (Sweden)
  • Argonne National Laboratory (USA)
Expanded CV
Practical Skills:
  • Design and Test of Experimental Equipment
  • Data Acquisition and Control Systems
  • Low Current Measurements
  • Electro-Deposition
Scientific Skills:
  • Ion Beam Physics
  • Micro Technology
  • Drug Release
  • Magnetic Phenomena
  • Frankfurt, Magdeburg, Uppsala
  • English, German, Swedish, French
  • Textured surfaces for flow and current rectification
  • Grafted micro channels for controlled drug release
  • Large-area field emitters consisting of micro needles
  • Piercing thin insulating solids by individual ions
  • Pinning of magnetic domain walls by ion tracks
  • Ion track lithography
  • Fabricating and manipulating individual micro wires
  • Thermal control of drug release by responsive track membranes
  • Increased gas permeability of polymers by latent ion tracks
  • Determining the electric wall charge of etched ion track channels
  • Diode-like asymmetric single ion track channels
  • Structure and diffusion properties of latent ion tracks
Other Activities:
  • European Network of Ion Track Technology
  • Student Career Planning
  • Sports, Art, Music